International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired Clip
Germany Eins, Zwei oder Drei Michael Schanze (1977-1985), Birgit Lechtermann (1985-1995), Gregor Steinbrenner (1995-2005), Daniel Fischer (2005-2010), Elton (2010-present) December 10, 1977-present
Netherlands Ren je Rot Martin Brozius TROS (October 5, 1973-June 1, 1983)
United Kingdom Poparound Gary Crowley ITV (June 19, 1985-June 4, 1986)
United Kingdom Runaround Mike Reid (1975-6, 1978-81)
Leslie Crowther (1977)
Stan Boardman (1977-8)
ITV (September 2, 1975-September 7, 1981)

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